Easy Bake Oven equality: Teen asks Hasbro for gender-neutral toy

(NBC) - Eighth grader Mckenna Pope cooked up a plan to take on a toy industry giant.

She posted a video on Change.org in an effort to get Hasbro, the makers of Easy Bake Oven, to create an oven for both boys and girls.

"I found it pretty appalling that they did not feature males of any sort in any of their packaging and promotional materials or anything," said McKenna.

She took up the cause for her 4-year old brother, Gavin, who loves to cook.

The family found it anything but easy to find an Easy Bake Oven that wasn't being marketed to girls.

Mckenna said this is not the message Hasbro should be sending to kids.

"Why are women in the kitchen and guys are, you know, working? That's basically what Hasbro is saying. This company that I've grown to love so much would resort to conforming to societal gender rules? Like, I don't see why."

Mckenna now hopes her appeal will convince Hasbro to make a gender-neutral oven in time for Christmas.

Hasbro had no comment on the story.

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