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Vectren worker says woman threatened her with knife and dog to keep power on

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Ashley Miller. Source: Evansville Police Department Ashley Miller. Source: Evansville Police Department

 Evansville Police arrested 26 year old Ashley Miller on multiple charges after she allegedly used a knife and a dog to intimidate a Vectren worker.

The Vectren employee had gone to the apartment on the 11-hundred block of S. Boeke to shut off the power.

She told Miller she was going to turn off the power and went into a small fenced are in the back to remove the meter box. 

The Vectren worker told officers Miller came out and cornered her while armed with a knife, telling her, "...she better be able to run fast because I am getting ready to turn my dog loose on you."

The employee called 911 because she was worried that Miller was serious.  She says she was trapped in the fenced area by Miller until officers arrived.

When an officer tried to arrest Miller, officers say she physically resisted and tried to sic her dog on the officer.

The dog advanced but did not attack.

Miller now faces two felony charges: Criminal Confinement and Intimidation with a Knife, and two Misdemeanor charges: Resisting Law Enforcement and Disorderly Conduct.

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