Owner of dog dragged by truck says "Bear" is getting better

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - The area around Bartley and Hamilton Ferry Roads is where deputies say the incident took place.

Waylon Burch still has trouble believing what happened to his dog, Bear.

The dog stays with Burch's grandfather, who lives a few miles from Bartley Road and when he saw the dog with cuts, he only had one thought.

"It can't be...can't be Bear," said Burch.

But when he realized it was Bear, it wasn't an easy situation to face.

"I went in, and I seen him just sitting there, just pouting, and got blood running down him... and it was Bear," said Burch.

It's an image that's difficult to erase.

"It was like seeing one of my children. It was like seeing my son in that state. It was terrible," said Burch.

According to sheriff's deputies, Bear was tied to a pickup truck and dragged along a stretch of road on Monday morning.

The driver told deputies that the dog was being aggressive and killed one of his cats.

Burch says he doesn't believe that's true.

"Playful, loves everybody, wouldn't harm anything, and to hear that he...that somebody would do that to him just broke my heart," said Burch.

His wife agrees.

"He's around this baby. He's around a tiny little dog. He's around ducks every day. I don't believe that he's vicious at all," said Lydia Burch.

Waylon hopes something is done to the man accused of hurting his dog.

"Honestly, if that man doesn't serve at least a day in jail, then justice hasn't been done," he said.

Bear was kept at the Daviess County Animal Shelter until he was picked up yesterday.

Waylon tells us that Bear continues to recover. He says his limp is slowly getting better.

Daviess County Sheriff's Office says they are issuing a summons in this case.

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