More retail stores offering emailed receipts

From Macy's to Nordstrom, more and more retail stores are offering shoppers the opportunity to give up on paper and get a digital receipt in their email.

"I don't think printed receipts will go away totally but I think more and more, we'll see retailers offering an option for digital," said Sarina Dahukey with Gap Intelligence.

Beyond meeting the demand from high tech consumers, there are other advantages for retail stores.

"It's faster, less paper, less expensive, plus the store gets its data file on the new consumer," said marketing professor Steven Osinski.

It's an opportunity to send ads and promotions to the same email address they're sending the receipt.

Before you choose digital, Osinski recommended asking the clerk what the email address will be used for specifically.

Other stores offering digital receipts include Gap, Sears and Office Depot.

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