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Happy stories=happy reporter

I'm very happy to report that my day revolved around two very positive stories.  Yay!!!  I consider that a big win.  The first of the two stories came to be because of a tweet.  Thank goodness for social media, right? :)

I saw that volunteers with Habitat for Humanity were assembling handmade bookcases for children moving into Habitat homes.  I'd heard about this program a while ago, but didn't know they'd be working on anything until I checked my Twitter feed during our morning meeting. 


It ended up working out great, though.  I was able to get some nice video of the work being done as well as an interview with one of the men volunteering his time on the project.  His wife was actually the one who came up with the idea!   These bookcases are going to kids in Henryville who lost their homes in the tornado, but they'll be making more for local children in the New Year.


My other story today stemmed from a press release.  Kind of a strange, but very cool, story.  More than 100 pairs of shoes (mostly Jordan tennis shoes) were taken by law enforcement during a drug investigation in Nov. 2010. 


Instead of auctioning them off, they were donated today to the Evansville Area Council PTA Clothing Bank that helps serve needy EVSC students.  They say the kids will be soooo excited about the new options!  After seeing them, I'd have to agree.  I know a lot of those little boys will probably be wishing they wore a size 12-14!!


I was able to go to the press conference early and find out more about the Clothing Bank.  It's really a great thing.  They take donations, sort them and even sift through and figure out which items kids would wear and which ones they probably wouldn't.  Right now they say they could really use donations, especially school uniforms.  It's the busiest time of the year (particularly with the season change), and they need to keep their supplies stocked!  So if you have any kids' clothing (K-12) that's in good shape but needs a new home, I'd highly recommend getting in touch with them!

Ok, that's it for today.

Until next time,


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