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Seized shoes a blessing to PTA clothing bank

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The clothing bank that helps needy students in the EVSC just received what's likely its most expensive donation ever.

More than $12,000 worth of shoes.

Authorities say those high-end shoes were once the property of a local drug dealer, but now-- they're being put to good use.

The best part about all of this is that these shoes couldn't have come at a better time.

It's the busiest time of the year at the clothing bank, and this year, donations haven't been coming in as much as usual.

Inside boxes, more than 100 pairs of high-end athletic shoes, many of them Air Jordans seized during a drug investigation in Evansville more than two years ago.

Soon they'll be on the feet of EVSC students.

"That was a positive thing to then hear the good news that kids would benefit from these shoes," said US Marshal for the Southern district Kerry Forestall.

Confiscated items are usually sold at auction, but Forestall says all these shoes, in pretty big sizes, probably would have been hard to get rid of.

So, for the first time in its history, the Department of Justice's 'Operation Goodwill' program decided to give away the goods.

"Often, our shoes are going through the door by kicking the door down taking the bad guys," Forestall said. "This time we're being able to give it to the kids to get some use out of them."

The kids, who will benefit from this donation shop at the Evansville Area Council PTA clothing bank.

Kris Wargel is the director.

725 students so far this year, who need clothes, hygiene items, and yes, shoes.

"Shoes are, of course, one of our greatest needs and greatest expense," Wargel said.

So while some areas of the clothing bank are a little sparse, the boys shoe rack isn't one of them.

Unfortunately for those little guys, the shoes are in sizes 12-14.

There is still a need for those sizes we're told.

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