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Longview man wakes to find legs on fire

Jeremy Kellum Jeremy Kellum

A Longview man was set on fire while he slept on Saturday after arguing with a friend.

Raymond Hellwig of Alpine Dr in Longview told police that he woke up on Saturday morning experiencing intense leg pain. Hellwig said that he looked down at his feet and saw that his pants and legs were on fire. He was able to get his pants off and extinguish the blaze.

Hellwig stated that he engaged in an argument earlier in the day with his roommate, Jeremy Kellum. Kellum made threats to come back to the house and burn the residence down.

A third roommate, Donnie Mayo, told police that he witnessed Kellum put lighter fluid on Hellwig's pant legs and then light them on fire. Following the assault, the suspect fled into a wooded area outside the house.

Mayo jumped out of bed and helped Hellwig extinguish the fire.

Hellwig was taken to Good Shepherd Medical Center with second degree burns on both legs and on his hands and arms. He was then transferred to the Parkland Hospital Burn Unit in Dallas.

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