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Charity Giving: Security experts warn of "smishing" scams

(CNN) - If charity giving is on your holiday to-do list, security experts say do your research.

Mapping out a strategy for holiday giving and setting a budget can make a consumer less susceptible to high-pressure pitches that could amount to scams.

Do research to make sure a group hits its philanthropic goals.

Check out the charity's financial health, transparency, and its track record through a website like the Better Business Bureau or Charity Navigator.

For clothing or food, make sure a charity has the resources to accept and distribute those donations.

Be wary of unsolicited phone calls and emails from unfamiliar charities.

With more consumers doing commerce with their smartphones, "smishing" has become a hot new area for scammers.

Smishing is described as phishing with text messages.

Experts say just like unsolicited emails, use the same caution with an unsolicited text.

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