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Monday, Monday

Happy Monday!  It is happier for me now that the work day is just about overJ  Really, things ended up going pretty smoothly, for a Monday.  They didn't start off that well, though.

This morning I was set to go to Rockport for a story about Ipads being used in pre-school.  I was out the door when I got the call that the teacher I needed to talk to had laryngitis.  That's never good for an on-camera interview! Anyway, back to the newsroom I went!

After regrouping, I ended up doing a story I heard about last week— efforts in the Jacobsville neighborhood to improve the area in the future.  I had two interviews with great ladies and was just about to shoot some additional b-roll (video) when I got a little sidetracked.\


One of the women I had interviewed was with me and pointed out a big pole in the road near where we were setting up.  A fire truck was there in the road.  I went over to see what was going on.  Turns out that pole fell over onto N. Main without anything hitting it.  It just toppled over.  Ummm…scary??!!  Luckily, it didn't hit anyone, but, geez… that could have been bad!

After doing a couple of interviews about that, I finished up my video for the Jacobsville story, crammed down some Wendy's (my fries were pretty bad today, bummer) and then put everything together. 

So, three live shots later, here I am. 

I was thinking about going back to Garvin Park to walk through and see the Fantasy of Lights on foot (one night only tonight if you missed my 6pm live shot), but I think I may pass and go back later for a carriage ride with my boyfriend.  Poor guy just doesn't know that part yet:)  Hehe.


There are two other errands I do need to run before I go home tonight, however.  First, I managed to leave my amazing headphones on a bench in front of Willard Library after doing an interview this morning.  I'm hoping they are still there, but wouldn't be surprised if someone else is now enjoying them.  Sigh.  Secondly, while I was on my trip East I ended up leaving a pair of shoes behind.  Someone from the Red Cross brought them back for me, luckily!  I know, I know, Mom… I'm a mess!  :)

Ohh—and I guess I should post a picture of some of my favorite people I got to see this past weekend, too!  Maybe it will get them to read my blog:)


From right to left—my college roommate Sarah, me, my lovely fella Matt, our good friend, Jake, another college roommate, Michele, and her husband, Nathan.  We went to watch the UE women's basketball game at Ohio State.  Let's just say they have a little better attendance than the ladies do at the Ford Center! 

Ok, well, that's it from me for tonight.  Enjoy this strange, warm weather while you can, I guess!

Was a little weird to be in a short sleeve shirt standing in front of Christmas lights, but what can you do??!!

Until next time,


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