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Witness recounts actions of those who rushed to help at Friday`s wreck

The crash caused part of the Lloyd Expressway to be shut down for hours. The crash caused part of the Lloyd Expressway to be shut down for hours.

A driver remains under intensive care following Friday's crash that shutdown a section of the Lloyd Expressway for hours. 

A St. Mary's spokesperson confirmed on Monday that Jean Dollison of Evansville is in critical condition.

Soon after the accident, 14 News received an e-mail from a witness. He says "a lot of good citizens helped and I think they need to be recognized." 

We spoke with one witness who, like many others, reacted almost instantly. 

A frantic 911 call described the chaos. Four vehicles had collided on the Lloyd Expressway.

On Friday afternoon, another witness, Beth Hudgins was only two cars back. It was her, and a number of other good Samaritans, who stopped to help. 

Hudgins says that once all of the cars stopped moving, strangers jumped into action to help those involved in the crash.

"I slammed on my brakes and my immediate reaction was to jump out of my car and run," Hudgins said. "I think people were wanting to do whatever they could. It was a very good feeling. There were a lot of good Samaritans, nurses. A couple of people jumped out and said they were nurses

She ran over to 19-year-old Christina Whitehead of Newburgh and describes a disturbing scene. She says the airbag was smoking, Christina was crying in pain, and said she had lost control of her car. 

"When she said she felt something was happening to her car. She couldn't steer. We started looking around. Her front left tire was completely off the rim. I mean, the rim was sitting on the pavement," Hudgins described to 14 News.

At this point, authorities can't confirm whether a mechanical issue, a blown tire, is to blame. Officers say it will take weeks before the reconstructionists can piece together the accident. An accident that shows just how quickly life can change.

There's no word on the condition of Whitehead. We'll give you new details as they're made available.

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