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2 boys to remain in custody for bully video

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Police said a group of teenage boys recorded an attack on a special-needs student. (YouTube) Police said a group of teenage boys recorded an attack on a special-needs student. (YouTube)

Two teenage boys suspected in a recorded attack that was posted on YouTube were ordered to remain in custody.

The boys were in Clark County Juvenile Court on Monday for a hearing connected to the posted bullying video.

According to the court, the boys' parents were not present during the proceedings. Their next court date was scheduled for Wednesday at 10 a.m., the court said.

Clark County School police said the two young suspects were charged with battery in connection to the attack on another boy who is believed to be a special-needs student.

Police said the boys attend Roy Martin Middle School, but it was not known where the incident took place.

Authorities were also looking into two other boys' involvement in the video. A parent for those two boys said they were present during the attack.

"They are very sorry for what they've done," said Donna Hernandez, the mother of the two suspects. "They aren't going to do it again. They can't change what they did."

Hernandez claims her sons were in tears over the attack on the 13-year-old special education student.

"I tell them not to fight," said Hernandez. "I'm always on them about fighting. I don't want them to be in gangs. I don't want them to be around any of that. I keep them in the house as much as I can."

Outside the courthouse, Hernandez claimed her youngest son had been bullied at knife point at school. She said her sons are mentally challenged, suffering with anger issues, and that they're still reeling from past trauma including a home invasion and shooting that left their mother disabled. Their parents are also divorced.

"I'm embarrassed," said Joe Luna, father of the two suspects. "My children aren't thugs. I have pretty successful children."

Hernandez said her oldest son, who can be seen flashing a gang sign in the video, is not in a gang. She hopes their time in the detention center is a wake-up call. She's confident it won't happen again.

"Malachi figures he's going to be locked up at home so he won't get hurt and he won't hurt anybody," said Hernandez. "Benjamin knows he will have to pay for what he's done. He doesn't know if they are going to keep him there or send him home. He will try and fix it."

Hernandez said her family is getting threats from people wanting to burn their house down and she can't let her other child go out and play. She fears what will happen when her kids are released.

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