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Couple married for 60 years die within minutes of each other

"They weren't really happy if they weren't together. They were in love. They were in love."

That's how the children of Doyle and Mildred Martin remember their parents relationship.

They spent 62 years together, until the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Doyle, who was in a nursing home because of a recent stroke, was not doing well.

"We got the call from hospice that daddy probably was not going to make it through the night," says daughter Rhonda Moore.

The family loaded Mildred in the car and raced to the nursing home to see her husband.

After saying her goodbyes, Mildred immediately fell ill.

She was rushed to a hospital.

The family thought it was the stress of the moment, but it turned out to be much more.

Mildred suffered a massive aneurism and died.

Just minutes later her husband of 60 years passed away at the nursing home.

"They pronounced her dead at 5:30 my dad at 5:40," Moore says. "She knew that Daddy was not going to make it and she was not going to make him hang on anymore, but on the other hand, Daddy was saying, I'm not going 'til you go. It was spiritual. It was spiritual."

The family laid the couple to rest in a double coffin, just like they lived their married life for six decades, side by side.

"They were married 62 years. They left together and everything they did in life was together. It didn't make any difference if Dad was at home or at work, or Mom was at home, they were in it together," says son Kendle Martin.

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