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Vectren crew returns home from areas hit by Sandy

Vectren crews are back from Long Island after a 2 week long mission to help with sandy devastation.

Mark Bouchie, a Vectren Supervisor says some of the homes were still under 8 feet of water and they were there to change the gas regulators to homes and to check the safety of the gas lines to the homes.

Bouchie says he and his crew were surprised by the devastation but the people there were happy to see them.

"The people out there were very appreciative of us being there they offered us food they even bought some of our dinners, very nice, it was just a good experience all around," said Mark Bouchie, Vectren Supervisor.

New crews from other areas remain on the east coast.

No word tonight whether any Vectren crews will head back. 

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