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O'boro voters will soon decide on alcohol ban


Voters will soon decide whether to ban the sale of alcohol in an Owensboro precinct. If it passes - the ban could hurt the city and a non-profit organization.

If voters in Precinct 13 decide to stop the sale of alcohol in their area, the Fraternal Order of Eagles say they might have to close and the ban could even hurt revenue coming into the city.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles are busy collecting gifts for needy people this Christmas.

"We were founded to raise money and give money to charities," said Mike Baldwin, Fraternal Order of Eagles 4168.

But soon they may be the ones needing help.

The Eagles say they fund their charitable works and pay their bills  partly through the sale of alcohol at their Aerie.

"With the alcohol sales we are able to pay our bills and keep our building," said Baldwin. 

If voters decide to ban alcohol sales in Precinct 13, the Eagles worry they might have to go away.

"We would either have to find an another place to move too or we would have to close our doors," said Baldwin.

Not far from the Eagles is the Sports Center. An alcohol ban could scare away big acts from coming to the venue.

"If a promoter or planner wants to have an event, alcohol could be apart of that event, they are going to choose another venue," said Dean Dennis, Global Spectrum.

The city says it would be forced to find other ways to make lost funds from acts staying away from the Sports Center

The city says they will lose somewhere between thirty and fifty thousand dollars from alcohol sales at the Sports Center if voters vote for a dry precinct.

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