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The dreaded "door knock"

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  Woo hoo, we've made it once again!  Tonight I'm looking forward to watching some tv, maybe a nice Hallmark Channel Christmas movie and putting up more of my Christmas décor at home:)   

Before I head home, though, let me tell you a little bit about the dreaded "door knock".  This is something I know I, as a reporter, prefer to avoid at pretty much all costs.  I think many others would agree with me.  It involves what you'd probably guess… going up to homes (sometimes targeted, sometimes random)… and knocking.  The goal, of course, being to get someone inside to give information or even better—an interview!

Today, I was covering the delay of a murder trial involving a deadly fire.  I went to the road where this fire happened, parked, and started knocking.  Now, let me mention here that I'm not really a dog person.  Ok, EVERYONE on this road had at least one dog that started barking when I came to the door.  At the first five or so houses I tried, no one answered.  Then, luckily, a nice older woman came to my rescue!  She told me she thought I was her neighbor, at first.  Well, whatever it takes to get someone to open the door, I guess!

She agreed to an interview and really helped my story.  Thankfully, in this case, the dreaded "door knock" ended up not being so bad.  Sometimes though, it just doesn't work.  No one really wants to go on camera, people aren't home, etc.  Not one of the more enjoyable parts of the job, but part of it, nonetheless!  When people are nice, it's a huge plus:)

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.  I'm heading to Ohio bright and early to watch my boyfriend's basketball team play against Ohio State.  I'll also get to see a lot of old friends.  Looking forward to it, just not the 4 or 5-something am wakeup call!!  Yikes!  

Until next time,


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