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Inmates help rescue dogs find new homes

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Thanks to some good care and training by inmates, six rescued dogs in Henderson County are hoping to find new homes this weekend.

Six Henderson County Detention Center inmates have been working with dogs from New Hope Animal Rescue and prison officials say. The program benefits more than just the animals.

Jail officials say this is the first group of dogs graduating from this program. They say it's a program that they plan to continue for as long as they can. 

"It's giving a lot of the inmates, you know, responsibilities to do and something to take care of while they're in here," said Aaron Ballew, Participant, Inmate Dog training program.

Aaron Ballew is one of six Henderson County inmates spending time each day taking care of an assigned rescued dog: Feeding, walking and teaching the dog simple commands.

Aaron is in charge of Maizy, an energetic pug mix, who was at the vet Friday getting ready to find a new home this weekend.

"It's a hundred and eighty degree turn. She's just went from being wild and crazy to really calmed down," said Ballew.

All six dogs are from New Hope Animal Rescue Center, dogs they say have been through some rough times.

"Our objective is to get these dogs back into society, back into a family," said Capt. Joseph Duncan, Henderson Co. Detention Center.

But Capt. Duncan says the ten to twelve-week program also benefits the inmates' morale and gives them a sense of pride.

"Instead of just having to worry about their self, they have to now take care of something else," Capt. Duncan.

Although this is the last time the inmates will take care of this group of dogs, Aaron says he's hopeful he and Maizy will cross paths again.

"I believe my family is going to adopt the dog. It will be okay seeing her grow older with my family," he said.

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