CDC says Flu season off to surprisingly strong start

The CDC is reporting the Flu season is off to a surprisingly strong start and that's contributing to packed doctor's offices here in the Tri-State.

St. Mary's says it's seen a dramatic increase in the number of cold and Flu patients at it's convenient care centers. That's in the week since Thanksgiving.

The Centers for Disease Control says Indiana is seeing sporadic Flu cases and in Kentucky, local flu activity.

Laura Forbes, with St. Mary's, says holiday travel and crowds are all factors.

"Certainly recommend that everyone be extra diligent about washing their hands, taking good care of themselves, you know, get sleep and of course get your flu shot," said Forbes.

Visits to doctors this week for Flu-like symptoms were above normal in five US regions.

Doctors say anyone who has not gotten a Flu shot should do so as soon as possible.

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