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Another delay in trial of man accused of killing two children

Jeffrey Weisheitt Jeffrey Weisheitt

The trial of a man charged with the murder of two small children has been delayed. 

Jeffrey Weisheitt's attorneys asked for the delay, and today a Clark County judge okayed that request. 

We found out about this latest delay this afternoon. Now both sides will have several more months to prepare their cases.

Time has changed much of the landscape along Fischer Road. It's been more than two and a half years since Caleb and Alyssa Lynch died in their own home turned fiery inferno.

"The house is totally demolished now. It set over here what is now a big hole over there in the ground," said Brenda Goldman, neighbor.

But two small momentos remain. A neighbor put up crosses with the children's names on them.

Authorities say the blaze was intentionally set by their mother's boyfriend, Jeffrey Weisheit.

"It's a very sad, difficult situation," said Goldman.

Goldman lives just down the street and hasn't forgotten that April morning.

"I just remember hearing fire trucks and waking up. I can't remember what time it was and looking out and seeing the building down there on fire-the house on fire," said Goldman.

Now when she passes by Brenda says a couple of things sometimes cross her mind.

"I guess how these two little kids must have suffered when they died and that he's never come to trial yet," she said.

This afternoon a Clark County judge delayed Jeffrey Weisheit's trial date once again.

Vanderburgh County prosecutor Nick Hermann says it was Weisheit's Attorneys who requested the extra time to better prepare their expert witnessess.

When it does come time for jurors to make their decision, they'll have a lot to think about.

Because in this case the death penalty is an option.

"It's been charged as a death penalty case because he killed two young children in this fire, there were multiple deaths, the children's ages, those types of things play in," said Hermann.

The trial is now set for June 3 and Brenda Goldman will be waiting to see what happens.

"You just sort of wish it would be over with so people involved could get on with their lives," said Goldman. 

Jeffrey Weisheit remains in jail facing murder and arson charges.

His trial set to take place in Clark County, Indiana.

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