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Police release identities of those involved in Lloyd Expressway wreck

Police were first called to the scene around 1 Friday afternoon.

They say a 19-year-old Christina Whitehead, of Newburgh, was driving westbound on the Lloyd and, for some reason, she crossed the median.

Whitehead hit a red van driven by Jean Dollison, of Evansville, causing a chain reaction.

We first told you officers believed a mechanical issue- a blown tire- was to blame. However, reconstructionists aren't comfortable confirming that just yet.

Four cars were directly involved and a fifth ran over debris in the road following the accident.

Officers say the number of cars involved makes the scene more complex. That helps to explains why the expressway-between Crosspointe Boulevard and Epworth- was closed for about six hours today.

"We had car parts, pieces all over the place and with several vehicles involved and debris and traffic, it was certainly a complicated scene," said Trudy Day, EPD.

Two other people were hurt in the accident, but the injuries were minor.

Dollison had the worst injuries of the group, a head injury. Police say she appears to be doing ok.

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