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O'boro steps up War on Drugs with juvenile drug court


A drug free organization is happy the City of Owensboro is funding a program through a local juvenile drug court.

The Alliance for a Drug-Free Owensboro-Daviess County says they are happy the city is fighting drugs by funding the court program and they want people to know they aren't going anywhere.

Terry Stinson has been a member of the Alliance for a Drug-Free Owensboro-Daviess County for a year and a half.

"I feel that with my expertise of the three steps: prevention, law enforcement, and treatment that I can use those talents to help my community," said Stinson.

The City of Owensboro recently suspended the job search for a drug officer that the alliance was helping with and used the funds to pay for a local juvenile drug court program.

"The City Commission saw an opportunity to immediately impact the War on Drugs in our local community," said Bill Parrish, City Manager.

Stinson says the alliance will continue on with their work and are happy if drugs in the community are being fought.

"The drug court will immediately impact a small number of youth, but it is something we need, said Stinson. "If the money can be used to go towards that then that's great. it helps our alliance as well."

For now the city will funnel time, funds, and effort on juvenile drug court.

"There are young folks in particular that are in the system and have begun to use drugs and we have an opportunity to turn those folks around at a young age and the drug court will be able to do that today," said Parrish.

Sometime in the future the city may revisit the position of a drug officer, but right now they have focused their attention on the drug court.

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