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Lotto Pranksters

Alright.  I've procrastinated long enough.  Time to write this thing! 

First of all, since I know you're all just overflowing with excitement about it… rest assured, I AM still planning to recap my adventures on the East Coast one of these days on the blog.  I just know it's going to take a lot of time and energy.  And, if we're being honest, I just haven't had the motivation to stick around work that late yet to get ‘er done! 

Sooo instead… I will just tell you a little bit about what happened in my tv world today.

It was actually a pretty interesting day.  We decided during our morning meeting that I would head up to Vincennes to do a story about a million-dollar Powerball ticket being bought there.  (The BIG winners of $580M-plus were in Arizona and Missouri.) 


While I was driving around Vincennes trying to find what turned out to be a very nondescript gas station, I got a call from the station saying there was a facebook picture out there showing a couple of guys claiming to have the ticket.  One of them was s the owner of a company there in town.  Well, when I called, whoever answered the phone was pretty vague when I asked about things.  Kept saying "no comment" and just to look at facebook. 

Ok… so in the meantime… I found the gas station.  The owner and employee there were very nice.  They let me shoot video and interview both of them about the excitement involved with selling a big winning ticket.  Before I left, I found out from the station that the apparent winners were faking it! 

Turns out, they photo-shopped the ticket as a joke and posted the picture online with intentions of "coming clean" today. When they posted the picture, they had no idea a REAL winner would end up being from Vincennes.  So their joke really kind of took off! 


Anyway, they both gave great interviews as they explained the prank. Turns out, everyone missed a crucial piece of the joke.  The photo-shopped ticket they posted—wasn't even from Indiana.  If anyone would have looked closely enough, they would have seen it was bought in Illinois, thus a fake! 


Unfortunately, after putting a pretty good (and exclusive) story together, I ran out of time.  Didn't get to make it as pretty as I would have liked for air.  The audio was not great.  But, alas, we will try again tomorrow. :)


By the way, the REAL winners of that one-million dollar ticket sold in Vincennes—belonged to a woman named Pat Wilkerson.  She, being the nice mother I'm sure she is, decided to share the winnings with her two grown children.  I know my mama would do the same:)

Have a lovely evening!    

Until next time,


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