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Weekly Restaurant Report: One restaurant cited for 11 violations

A list of local restaurants with and without health code violations as reported to 14 WFIE by the Vanderburgh County Health Department.

Holiday Inn Evansville; 7101 Highway 41 N

2 non-critical violations

2 critical violations - sanitizer concentration below required strength in wiping cloth buckets, plumbing in need of repair.

The Ford Center; 1 SE Martin Luther King Blvd.

1 critical violation - lacking backsiphonage device for red hose at dishmachine.

Heady's Pizza; 4120 B N First Ave

1 critical violation - lacking certified food safety employee.

XPress Pantry; 221 N Fulton Ave

1 non-critical violation

Dairy Mart of Evansville; 2341 Covert Ave.

1 non-critical violation

1 critical violation - facility does not have a certified food safety employee

Pizza Hut; 1357 Covert Ave

1 non-critical violation

China King; Diamond Ave

3 non-critical violations

8 critical violations - food improperly stored in walk-in to prevent cross contamination, food contact surfaces do not meet requirements, hand sink inaccessible, non approved utensils being used for bulk product dispensing, no chemical sanitizer buckets available, employees not washing hands, improper use of 3 compartment sink for preparation of raw meat, wiping cloths improperly stored, no date marking on food held more than 24 hours, facility needs cleaning, no grease trap log available.

Rathbone Retirement; 1320 SE Second St.

1 critical violation - German roach activity at floor dish area.

Aihna International Market; 1624 N Green River Rd.

1 non-critical violation

1 critical violation - 3 meat items discolored

China Express; 1505 Governor St.

2 non-critical violations

1 critical violation - lacking grease trap maintenance log.

River City Food Co-op; 116 Washington Ave

1 critical violation - milk bulk storage improperly stored

Buehlers Buy Low #466; 200 N Main St

2 non-critical violations

MG Food Mart #3; 520 S Barker Ave

4 non-critical violations

1 critical violations - using three compartment sink to dispose of mop water.

Save-A-Lot #673; 409 S Barker Ave

1 critical violation - lacking backsiphonage device for mop sink hose.

No Violations

Ruler Food Store; 4624 N First Ave

La Sombra Espresso Bar Cafe'; 318 Main St Ste 100

Gunslinger's BBQ; 1430 W. Franklin St. 

Arkin Terrell; 119 Webb Rd.

Sonic; 881 S Green River Rd.

T-Mini Mart; 2400 Washington Ave

Cafe One Eleven; 111 S Green River Rd.

House of Como

Burger King; 1301 Covert Ave

Marathon Food Mart; 201 E Louisiana

Riverside One Stop Shop; 401 E Riverside Dr.

Maxines Bakery Services; 1334 N Green River Rd.

Hucks; 3951 N Green River Rd

Bonefish Grill; 6401 E Lloyd Expressway

Biaggi's; 6401 E Lloyd Expressway

White Oak Manor; 509 N St Joseph Ave

Oasis Cafe by Mary and Martha; 5101 Vogel Rd

The Granola Jar; 1033 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

Hampton Inn; 5701 Highway 41

Drury Inn; 3901 Highway 41 N

Flames Grille; 1013 S. Weinbach

Donut Bank; 1200 Lincoln Ave

Wonder Hostess; 1915 Covert Ave

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