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Potential phone scam has Evansville seniors on high alert

A potential phone scam in the Evansville area has some seniors on high alert. 

Seniors living in the Evansville area have reported bogus calls targeting people on Medicare. 

An Evansville senior, who asked not to be identified, is speaking out after receiving a questionable phone call. She took the call just over a week ago, and she wants others to be on alert.

"Well he didn't tell me his name, he said I'm from the medicare office," she said. "I don't know if you know or not but we're changing the Medicare cards. "

A number from Texas popped up on her caller I.D. on the other end man asking her to verify some personal information. She refused and hung up the phone.

"Naturally it makes you angry," she said. "To think that there's people, and I know there's a lot of them. You just don't think it's going to happen to you."

Drew Shockley with Crosspointe Insurance says calls like this pick up around this time of year, because it's the medicare enrollment period. A time when people can make changes to the plan.

"I guess they feel that seniors are a little more open to talking to people during this time period, because most of the time seniors have made an outbound phone call requesting help from an advisor," said Shockley.

Shockley suggests if you get a call from someone claiming to represent Medicare and don't feel comfortable talking to them ask for their name or number. If it's not a legitimate call the "rep" likely will not be able to give you either. 

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