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New DNR flood maps help Perry Co. residents assess flood risk


The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has drawn up some new flood maps for Perry County. The DNR says the old maps are outdated, and the new maps will give residents a better idea of areas that are at risk for flooding.

One of several places the Indiana DNR has highlighted for potential flooding on its new flood maps is the Anderson River in Perry County.

The DNR held an 'open house' Wednesday night for Perry County residents to look at an updated 'preliminary' version of the county's 'flood maps.'

"Which allowed citizens to view their property specifically and see any proposed changes to those currently on the flood plane maps," said Barbara Ewing, Tell City Mayor. "Those who maybe have experienced a change in their property status, they had the opportunity to see preliminary maps last night."

The DNR cited areas near Anderson River, Deer Creek, and the Ohio River as 'high risk'. Among many others.

"The maps haven't been updated in probably 30 years," said Suzie Delay, Indiana DNR. "So, they were really really due. And we're turning them into modern technology with digital mapping systems and stuff like that."

"The river does quite a bit of damage," said Fred Miles, Troy resident.

Fred Miles lives in Troy, near the Anderson River. He says he has never had a problem with flooding on his property, but that he has seen flood damage in many areas of the county.

"I have seen it in the Derby area get in the store and the local tavern up there," said Miles.  "And the small towns, like I said, it does create havoc. It'll run them clear out of their homes. Can't get to their homes, especially in the Rocky Point area up here."

Miles says he doesn't have flood insurance and that he doesn't need it and even though the insurance is optional, he believes it would be wise for other Perry County residents to look at the maps and prepare themselves, just in case.

"If the prices is reasonable, get it," said Miles. "You can't control that river. You're just not gonna control it."

To look at the maps for yourself click here. 

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