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Size of Smothers Park has some parents concerned


Smothers Park in Downtown Owensboro has been open for a little over three months and draws crowds almost daily, but some parents are concerned that its large size could be a problem when it comes to keeping track of kids. 

The size of Smothers Park almost intimidates adults more than children.

One of those adults is Christina Arnold who spent the morning playing with her children at Legion Park in Owensboro.

"Smothers Park is so huge that, you know, if my two youngest children was to run off, I mean, I probably wouldn't even be able to find them," said Arnold. 

She feels that smaller parks are easier for parents with smaller children and smothers' size is something she thinks about.

"It worries me a lot," said Arnold. "I would say it's probably like an eight if that was a 10 type of, you know, worry."

Parks Department officials like Amanda Rogers explain that there are ways for parents to not feel overwhelmed when they bring toddler-aged children downtown.

"I think with Smothers if you want to feel more comfortable as a parents, you need to interact more," said Rogers. "That's the key to Smothers Park."

Rogers says that can actually benefit the whole family.

"You're gonna get more out of your experience on a playground when you interact with your children, when you play with your children," said Rogers. "It's not gonna just benefit them, it'll also benefit you."

For some parents, bigger isn't better.

"I could be anywhere. I could, you know, stand over there by the basketball courts or have a seat on the benches or even, you know, just walk around, and I could just look over my shoulder and be able to see the children," said Christina Arnold.

Now if your child's old enough to remember one, the Parks Department also suggests coordinating a meeting place if you become separated.

Smothers Park also has a police officer on duty when it's open.

The few children that have become separated from their parents while at the park were all reunited within minutes. 

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