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Taking A Stand: Christmas Trees or Holiday Trees?

Last week I got a call from a man who told me he is a big fan of 14 News, and has been for 42 years.

Then he said "But." His complaint: Mike Blake said "Happy Holidays" at the end of a recent broadcast. He assumed it was station policy, but, he was wrong.

Here's my take: In today's society, everything seems to be too politically correct. Especially when it comes our religious holidays in December.

When you say Happy Holidays are you wishing people a Happy Hannukah or Merry Kwanzaa? Another December Holiday is Boxing day. Does anybody really know what Boxing Day is?  

Happy Holidays allows everybody to say something without anyone saying what they really want to say.

I think the greeting forces us to dumb down our traditions, shopping behaviors, and most importantly our faith.

Let's forget all this political correctness and say exactly what we mean.

By the way, we have Christmas trees in our studio, not holiday trees.


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