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Mt. Vernon rejects limit on how many pets households can have

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Pet lovers in Mt. Vernon no longer face a possible limit of how many animals they can own.  

At one time, the city was considering an ordinance limiting the number of pets per household, but that's no longer an issue. 

"They didn't want to pick, you know, what they call their children. Which one does, you know, get rid of?," Becky Higgins said.

Mt. Vernon City Council Member Becky Higgins says many community members were upset after learning of the proposed animal ordinance that would have limited the number of cats and dogs per household to four.

"We went to committee, which I chaired, and took out some lines that we didn't agree with," Higgins said.

Higgins says that committee included representatives from Posey Humane Society and Mt. Vernon's Animal Control. Past President of the Humane Society's Board of Directors Sarah Appel says that proposed ordinance raised some concerns.

"If people were being told that they can only have four animals and they have to give them up, where are those animals going to go? We have a very limited space and a very limited budget," Appel said.

Higgins tells 14 News that luckily, that's no longer a concern. She says the city struck that line from the ordinance. Now there's no limit on the number of pets, but more rules in place for animal control officers to make sure the city's furry friends are well taken care of.

"Most pet owners are responsible. So, we took that line out and everybody was happy," Higgins said.

The city's animal ordinance now contains more specific guidelines for issues like the length and weight of tethered dogs' chains and the cleanliness of areas where animals are kept.

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