Toy Town drop off locations

Here is a list of places where you can drop off your Toy Town donations:

A D Construction 707 Schrander Ave
A. Schulman formally-Ferro Corporation5001 O'Hara Dr.
Alcoa Power PlantDarlington Rd. to the 3 way stop, right to the guard station
Bob's Gym 8700 N Kentucky Ave. Evansville IN
Bob's Gym East345 Bentee Wes Ct.
Dollar General2131 S. Weinbach
Evansville Teachers      Credit Union1100 Buena Vista
Evansville Teachers      Credit Union4905 University Drive
Evansville Teachers      Credit Union405 E. Fourth St. in Mount Vernon
Evansville Teachers      Credit UnionHwy 261 & 66
Evansville Teachers      Credit Union4405 Theater Drive
Evansville Teachers      Credit Union1900 Hirschland Rd.
Fifth Third Bank4550 First Avenue
Fifth Third Bank691 Diamond Ave.
Fifth Third Bank12626 N. US Hwy 41
Fifth Third Bank5344 Pearl Drive
Fifth Third Bank2320 W. Illinois 
Fifth Third Bank112 E. 3rd Street Mount Vernon
Fifth Third Bank8422 Bell Oaks Drive
Fifth Third Bank1250 N Green River Rd.
Fifth Third Bank3251 Green River Rd.
Fifth Third Bank7312 Eagle Crest Blvd.
Fifth Third Bank4209 Professional Blvd.
Fifth Third Bank2350 Washington Ave
Fifth Third Bank20 NW Third St.
Flanders8101 Baumgart Rd.
Ford Center Admin OfficeMl Entrance NE Corner
Harrison College4601 Theater Dr.
Houchens3888 State Rd. 261
HouchensMorgan Ave.
Houchens200 Main St.
Houchens First Avenue & Mill Rd.
Houchens Darmstadt Road
ITT Technical Insitute10999 Stahl Rd.
Kings Great Buy's Plus5010 Vogel Rd.
Lakeshore Apt727 Beachfront Dr.
Lensing Wholesale600 N. 6th Ave.
Memorial High School1500 Lincoln Ave.
Mt. Vernon Junior High School 
Old National Bank100 N. Main 
Old National BankNorthbrook-3888 1st Avenue
Old National Bank13221 Darmstadt Rd.
Old National BankFranklin St.
Old National Bank4500 Washington Ave
Old National Bank1925 Lincoln Avenue
Old National BankWashington Ave
Old National Bank8477 Ruffian Lane
Old National BankOne Main St.
Old National Bank8355 N. Burkhardt Rd.
Old National Bank3535 N Green River
Old National Bank5124 Pearl Dr.
Old National Bank402 Main St. Suite 100
Old National Events PlazaMain entrance
PGW 424 E. Inglefield Rd. Evansville, IN
Price Less FoodsUniversity Shopping Ctr
Priceless Foods  Covert & Vann
Pro Rehab4421 N. First Avenue
Pro Rehab730 E. Indiana St
Pro Rehab8887 High Pointe Dr. Suite E
Pro Rehab5625 Pearl Dr., suite 100
Randal Brown               Dental Office1330 N. 1st Avenue
SchnucksNorth Green River
Schnucks 8477 Bell Oaks Dr. 
Shannon's School of dance311 N. First Ave
Shcnucks 4500 West Lloyd Exp.
Shoe CarnivalEastland Place
Shoe CarnivalNext to Kohls
Sterling House6521 Greendale 47711
Swonder Ice Arena Boeke Road
Teamsters Local         215 Hall825 Walnut
Washington Sq. Mall
WFIE1115 Mt Auburn Rd.
YMCA222 NW 6th Street 

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