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Updates to Daviess Co. intersection will have motorists driving in circles

The intersection at Kentucky 56 and Kentucky 81 is one of the few remaining trump style intersections in the Owensboro area, and officials say building a roundabout there would increase the flow of traffic.

The pastor at a nearby church believes the change will lead to a safer commute.

Greg Faulls has been the senior pastor at Bell View Baptist Church for 15 years and preaches to a large crowd on Sundays.

"We have anywhere between 1,200 and 1,300 people," Faulls said.

The crowd inside the church can cause a traffic jam when leaving the parking lot.

"When people are dumping out from the parking lot onto the road it can back up traffic all the way up to the intersection. Our people are pretty use to the traffic," Faulls told 14 News.

After eight years of planning, construction on a roundabout will begin next year.

"It's pretty ideal for an intersection that has a steady flow of traffic and also have fairly equal amount of traffic from all directions," said Keith Todd with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

The design of this roundabout will also make it safer for drivers.

"When you put in a roundabout where you have T-bone collisions, this will convert those collisions to less severe collisions," Todd said. 

The $1.4 million project is expected to be completed at the end of 2013 and Pastor Faulls says he is excited.

"We're happy for it. We're looking forward to it," Faulls said.

Todd also told 14 News that this winter's weather will play a role in the progress of construction at this intersection. A drier winter will allow crews to work more on the project, therefore speeding it along.

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