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Tri-State farm's Christmas tree sales good despite summer drought

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Back in July, we told you how the drought was causing some trouble for local farmers and their Christmas tree crops. 14 News checked back for an update on the evergreens now that Christmas decorating is in full swing.

Larry Goebel says for his family, it's not Christmas without a real Christmas tree.

"They smell good, they're beautiful, they're maybe not absolutely perfect like an artificial tree but that's the beauty of them," said Goebel.

It seems many in the Tri-State agree with him.

Goebel Farms is well ahead on tree sales in the early selling season.

"It's been really busy," said Goebel. "The first week wasn't too busy but over the weekend, it was horrendous. We went as fast as we could go."

Larry says at one point during the drought this summer, he was worried they wouldn't have any trees to sell.

He lost hundreds because of the dry conditions, but, he says, luckily they have plenty that survived-anything from fresh Frasier Firs in the barn to Blue Spruce and Red Pine in the field.

If you want to buy a real tree, there's a few things to keep in mind.

"Keep it watered," Larry said. "If you keep it watered and fresh, it will not burn."

When it comes to buying a tree, all you're really responsible for is picking it out. Goebel Farms staff do the rest.

"We'll cut it and bale it and shake it and all that and have it ready for them when they come back or they can watch us cut it down with their kids," said Goebel.

You also need a way to haul it home-but good news, you don't 'have' to have a truck, that is unless you want one of the really big ones.

"We wrap them up and put them in the car trunks and they put them on top but yes if you have a pick up or a trailer is helpful if you want a 12 footer," Goebel said.

You can get a tree at Goebel Farms as long as supplies last.

If you already have a tree, it's worth visiting Goebel Farms just for the smell of evergreens and the hot chocolate. 

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