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Coin chaos begins in Daviess County

A battle between high school students in Daviess County is set to begin.  

Instead of competing between first period classes, Daviess County High School students will be facing off according to graduating class.

Here's a look at how this works and helps others.  

This week, there will be jars for each graduating class in the lobby during lunch periods.

Now here's where it gets competitive, you win by putting nickels in your own jar and other coins or dollars in the other classes' jars.

Nickels are positive points and everything else translates into negative points.

The school-wide goal is to raise at least $4,000 over the course of this week.

All the money will stay at Daviess County High School and help students in need.

It will go toward things like college visits, testing fees, job interview clothes, and much more, including financial needs that might come up during the school year.  

The school uses this fundraising competition to join together as a community not just during the holidays, but throughout the entire year. 

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