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Residents worried after poaching suspect shoots white deer between houses

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A deer poaching incident involving a white deer has Warrick County residents worried about their own safety.

DNR officers say killing a white deer is legal in Indiana, but the manner in which this deer was shot wasn't legal or safe.

Friday night, the group of neighbors who tracked down the poaching suspect are hoping the situation teaches others a lesson about the dangers of poaching.

DNR officers say on November 17th the first day of hunting season, someone drove down Eble Road and shot a white deer, between houses after dark.

Neighbors tell us they tracked the poacher down and held him until officials arrived.

"True hunters wouldn't do that, said neighbor Ginger Wilcox.

Neighbors like Ginger say they'd often see the deer out and about, even stopping to snap pictures and videos  of 'Eble' who they say is like a neighborhood pet.

"Kind of upsetting," said Charles Wilcox. "It's going to be hard to get over."

But aside from the emotional aspect, those who live nearby say they're also concerned about safety.

"We have elementary children who live in the neighborhood," Ginger said. "That is a main concern, that someone just pulls down the road and starts shooting between houses."

"It's kind of scary sometimes where that bullet goes," said Indiana Conservation Officer Gordon Wood. "Is there a barn there? Is Susie out on the swings? You know, anything can happen."

DNR says the suspect could face six charges, including charges for shooting after hours and shooting from a roadway.

Neighbors tell us they've even started a petition online, alerting the public about poaching dangers and hoping for tougher laws.

"They should not be hunted down at night and spotlighted and left to die like that. That's just cruel," Ginger said.

Neighbors tell us they took the deer to a local taxidermist, who donated the meat to families in need.

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