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Happy stories!

Ok, here's my goal.  Next week I'm going to (hopefully!) have some time to really write a nice long update on the trip East.  I feel bad putting it off, but it's been a pretty long week and I am REALLY ready for a few days of rest!  Thanksgiving dinner last night was fantastic, and I'm thinking after a day full of lying around and watching tv tomorrow, I should be good to go:)

I'm spending part of the evening with a few friends from high school tonight.  It's nice to know we've stayed in touch (even if it might be sporadic a lot of the time) all these years.  And I know one day the amount of years to which I am now referring will seem like a drop in the bucket.  But at this stage in life, it's a lot!!  (Notice how I avoided saying how many years?  A lady never reveals her age:) )

Anyway, back to work.  I was happy to shoot two nice, happy stories today.  First, I got to see the big Christmas tree being delivered for Santa Land put on by the Wes t Side Nut Club at 10th and Franklin this morning.  Then, this afternoon I met up with Stan Gregory and his wife, Susan.  Stan drove out to New Jersey after Sandy to help cook for people there.  He became great friends with some folks, and two of them drove to Evansville for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with him!  How awesome!! 

Happy stories on a Friday are always appreciated.  Yay rah!

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