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New store hours have many leaving the Thanksgiving dinner table for the sales aisle

For some stores, Black Friday has turned into a three day ordeal, forcing many shoppers away from the Thanksgiving dinner table and straight to the sale aisles.

Some big box stores in Evansville opened as early as 8 o'clock last night.

At Target, shoppers were in line for hours anticipating those doors opening at 9 o'clock and when they did, there was no stopping them.

"This is only my second time and this is crazier than the first time," said Ronshaga Crider.

Isiah Holman, said "When I first came here it was packed, really packed. I was amazed.

Executive Team Leader Christin Lang says they monitor guest traffic during Black Friday sales. She thinks it's up this year.

"All of our ad stuff has just flown off the shelves," said Lang. "Were still pulling stuff out of the back so it's been really busy over there."

Target opened three hours earlier this year.

Lang says expanding the time seems to control the waves of people and helps them focus on customer safety.

"We partnered with law enforcement and we have a crowd management team," said Lang. "It's been perfect."

Also new this year, Target introduced "line cues."

"We funneled from the check lanes right here. We let people one at a time at each check lane and having a main line going all the way back to the store," said Lang.

Emily Mieure: Do you think that worked better than years past?

Lang: Yes, we got guest compliments and it really was a smooth transition.

Lang says each year, their handle on the crowds seems to improve.

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