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Tri-State family feeds hundreds a Thanksgiving meal

If you were overwhelmed cooking for your family and relatives today, just imagine cooking for more than 500 people.

One family in Warrick County did just that. 

The Mayer family has been planning and anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving Day for weeks and it's something they collect for year-round.

Thursday emotions for Mark and his family boiled over when everyone came together.

"There's a whole gamete of emotions that play into it. I mean there's excitement about it, then there's the exhaustion during it," said Mark Mayer. "But when you see people turn out that say I just really want to help, there's not really words to express that"

Mark's daughter Megan has been taking meal requests for weeks.

"we had one lady call in and she called and said I don't know what I'm going to do, I don't have anything. When I offered to bring her two or three meals to get her through, that I didn't want her to go hungry, she just started crying," said Megan Barnhill.

Tears aren't uncommon along the delivery route either. Megan says these meals make such a difference, but the Mayer family is humble and says it wouldn't come together without the volunteers, nearly 150 this year.

Mark said, "The problem this year was finding a place to put everybody because we had so many"

The "Thanksgiving To Go" tradition started back in 2001, after Mark and his family moved to Boonville. After serving as missionaries in Mexico, they knew what it felt like to be without family at the holidays.

"For me and my family it's just an emotional thing because we've been on both sides of it where we've needed help in the past and where we're in a position now where we can help people," said Mark.

The Mayer family plans to continue the dinner because they say, there's always going to be someone in need. 

The Mayer family says they roasted a total of 35 turkeys and even had a little left over to send home with the volunteers. 

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