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Evansville Christian Life Center feeds thousands on Thanksgiving

Around 2,500 people got a Thanksgiving meal on Thursday from the Evansville Christian Life Center, but those meals didn't just get prepared Thanksgiving morning.

It takes an army of volunteers, who have been working steadily for the past few days to make it happen.

"We started last Saturday preparing 3000 pumpkin muffins and every single day it has continued," said Gina Gibson with the Evansville Christian Life Center.

The kitchen of the Evansville Christian Life Center was bustling Thanksgiving Day morning.

Volunteers have been pitching in to help cook since Saturday, but now it's time to put it all together.

700 pounds of turkey have to be cut, green beans have to be strained and potatoes mashed.

"This year we've got 600 volunteers, 165 drivers that are delivering almost 2500 meals," said Gibson.

Rhonda and Heather Hollingsworth are two of those drivers.

"People were just very appreciative and thankful," said Rhonda.

This is their second year delivering meals.

"One gentleman was getting ready to go do drywall work, I think. He had to get out there and work and said he had been struggling to make ends meet," said Rhonda.

For these ladies, it's not about delivering one meal, it's about getting a chance to meet the person who gets to eat it.

One person getting a meal said, "It's very great for people that don't have enough money for Thanksgiving. It's really great, it really helps a lot. We thank you so much."

It takes thousands of dollars to put these meals together.

Evansville Christian Life officials say you can help by donating money to the program as well. 

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