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EVSC focusing on emergency preparation after Tuesday's earthquake

Tuesday's 3.6 earthquake was a reminder of the active fault system in the Tri-State.  

Emergency officials are constantly preparing for natural and man-made disasters including major earthquakes.

Everyday thousands of students go to school and we expect them to be safe, but school officials are working on planning for various emergencies. 

It's something most students don't think about until they're forced to.

School officials, on the other hand, have their eyes on preparation.

Emergency directors say our area has a high chance of having a 7 magnitude earthquake within the next few decades.

Earthquakes aren't the only emergency school officials say need to be talked over.

"We simply discuss different scenarios, what they'd look like, what the response would look like," said Paul Neidig with the EVSC.

"Often we make plans, but we don't interact with other people and we may find out our plans don't mesh. This is an opportunity to make sure fire service meshes well with law enforcement and EMA and everyone meshes together," said Dwayne Caldwell with the Vanderburgh County Health Department. 

First responders plan to meet together in the middle of December focusing their discussion around the new North High School building.
"We choose that because of it's proximity to a highway, I am sure you've seen the tanker trucks going up and down. We also have industry in the area. We have a pipeline and we have railroads," Caldwell said.

Officials say the public will be informed on what is discovered and any plans put in place.

"The information we get out of it, we will pass it on to parents and pass it on to students," Caldwell said.

Emergency officials say students and parents can help by having an emergency plan set in their own homes. 

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