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How does the Red Cross organize their relief efforts?

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Over the past few weeks, thousands of Red Cross volunteers from all over the country have been flocking to New York and New Jersey to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.
All that help requires a lot of organization.
When volunteers get the greater New York American Red Cross Chapter, they go through a processing center that's right inside the doorway. It's the place they figure out where they're going to be staying and what their next step is.  

There's an orientation process and then the fourth floor of the building is really where the magic happens. It's divided into all these different sections working on lots of different things.  

Volunteers could be doing anything from working logistics where people are going, when they're getting there, how they're getting there. They could be working out in shelters they could be delivering food and supplies in response vehicles.

People are working in public affairs, so many different aspects of it make it run smoothly. It's kind of a well organized chaos around here.

So many people, over 8,000 volunteers so far have been helping with Hurricane sandy disaster relief. They come from all 50 states and there's no telling really how long they'll be here until the need has been met. 

"The Red Cross will be here as long as it takes to get this done. We are dedicated to the mission and we will be here until these people have a place to go and need health services and need food.  So, it's not something that we're going to give up on," said Katie Wilkes, a Red Cross Volunteer from the Chicago Chapter.

Of course, not everyone can volunteer their time to help out, but if you'd like to give a monetary donation that would certainly be appreciated as well.

Click here to go to the Red Cross website or you can text "red cross" to 90999. That gives a $10 donation.

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