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Oregon lawsuit bodes well for Tell City Guardsmen case

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Sixteen National Guardsmen from a Tell City-based unit, are still awaiting a trial date in Houston, Texas, after suing 'Kellogg, Brown and Root.'

Those Tell City Guardsmen claim they were exposed to a chemical called hexavalent chromium in 2003, while they guarded a KBR-contracted water plant in southern Iraq. According to the suit, the chemical is a highly cancer-causing substance. And the suit claims those same Guardsmen have grown respiratory tumors, as a result.

Earlier this month, an Oregon jury ruled in favor of Oregon-based Guardsmen, who sued KBR for the exact same thing. An attorney for the Tell City Guardsmen says he's sure they'll win too.

"Understand that the Oregon jury was unanimous," Attorney Christopher Lee said. "Clear and convincing evidence that their conduct was reckless. Now, that doesn't bind the Houston, Texas court, but it certainly reflects what twelve independent jurors feel about our case."

Throughout the Tell City Guardsmen lawsuit, KBR has denied the allegations. And Guardsmen Attorney Michael Doyle says KBR will seek an appeal.

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