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Some in McLean Co. speaking against Farbest Foods local plans

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They were talking turkey on Tuesday at the McLean County Fiscal Court meeting. 

Some folks speaking out against Farbest Foods plans to build a service hub in the community. 

Concerned residents packed the room on Tuesday and both sides had plenty to say both about the benefits and the downfalls of bringing this company to McLean County. 

"We want to know why they're wanting to locate here when it's not geographically or economically feasible," concerned resident Kim Ross said.

Residents took turns addressing the court as Farbest officials proposed bringing service hubs or brooding facilities to McLean County as a place for the birds to grow to about 10 pounds.

Some residents say having these hubs near property on the south side of the county presents environmental concerns, problems with a decrease in property value, and overall quality of life issues.

"If you talk to the people who live next to these facilities, there are those that make it miserable to smell but they all attract flies, mice, rats," Ross said. 

Judge Executive Kelly Thurman says he understands these questions, but any economic growth needs to be looked into.

"I am sympathetic towards each argument made. However, I go back to the point that we are an agricultural community," Thurman said.

Upset residents demanded a moratorium to delay the move and learn more about why it's even being considered, but Thurman says it's out of their authority when it involves a private group or individual's property rights.

"County government's only role in that position, in that process would be when infrastructure is affected, a need for roads, a need for utilities, a need for water lines," Thurman said.

Ross, along with others against this move, say they plan to form a watch group to make sure Farbest follows regulations.

Farbest has not officially decided to move to McLean County and officials declined to speak with 14 News about their immediate plans.

But as of now, if they wanted to move, the court would allow it.

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