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Watch out for dangerous toys when holiday shopping

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Just as we get ready to go Christmas shopping for our children, a consumer group's annual report on dangerous toys is out. 

But a group representing toymakers is firing back, saying the report is needlessly frightening families.

In this year's "Trouble in Toyland" report, the US Public Interest Research Group says it examined some 200 toys sold by retailers nationwide, looking for things that may pose a hazard to small children.

"We all know that toddlers put everything in their mouths," said Nasima Hossein of the Public Interest Research Group

PIRG, as it's known, offered up examples of noise-making toys that they think are too loud, others that may contain too much lead, or those that may pose a choking hazard.

"We are particularly concerned about food toys because children might think that they are intended to be eaten," Hossein said.

The consumer group advised parents to stay vigilant and use their own standards when buying toys for their children.

But the group representing toymakers took exception to PIRG's findings.

The Toy Industry Association raised doubts about the lab PIRG uses to test toys and adds toy makers must abide by federal safety standards.

The association even went so far as to tell NBC News, "We're also concerned about PIRG and other groups that needlessly frighten families at a time of the year when they should be happy."

Head to the PIRG's website for more information.

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