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Dangerous Drinks? Doctor blames energy drink for man's heart attack

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At age 41, Richard Perez had a heart attack.

Two times a day for about five years, Perez gulped down the energy boost known as Five Hour Energy.

Last month, his coronary artery became 100% blocked.

Now, he has to take medications the rest of his life.

His cardiologist told him the energy shot is to blame.

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating 13 deaths possibly linked to so-called energy shots.

The agency has 92 reports of people getting sick, even dying after drinking five hour energy.

The agency also has reports connecting five deaths to the highly caffeinated Monster energy drink.

"Most children have lots of energy, far more than most of us as we get older, so children in general don't really need these energy drinks and I would really discourage that," said Dr. Steven Joyal.

Perez, a lifelong athlete, now carries a card warning medical professionals he's on a blood thinner.

He has replaced five hour energy shots with proper nutrition.

"At 41-years old, I would have never thought I would have a hart attack at this age. Never, Never, Never," said Perez.

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