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Gibson Co. excited about possible benefits of I-69


Oakland City is one of those communities that hopes to benefit from the Interstate 69.

No institution is happier than Oakland City University, who says the interstate will make them more visible.

The interstate will soon have signage directing traffic to the school's campus and the university is ready for the extra attention with a new entrance on the west side of campus.

For Vice President Bob Yeager, Tuesday will mark his first ride on the part of I-69 from evansville.

"It will put me just a mile and a half west of campus. It will be a direct route then I'll only have about or minute or two on a two-lane highway," Yeager said.

Yeager hopes the school's relationship with other institutions along the corridor will improve now that the new roadway is open.

"This seems to be developing into a logistical hub with I-69 with Interstate 64 with the bypass around Evansville. It will become an inter-model area where we have rail very close, we have obviously the transportation system for truck traffic and we will also have water with the Ohio River very close," Yeager said.

Some say the opening of I-69 will make some homes for sale in Gibson County more attractive.

"It's going to give a chance for some from Evansville who want to come out to rural America where the housing market and the real estate is a little less costly. It's going to give them the opportunity to get the best of both worlds, the big city but also country living," realtor Jerry Basham said.

Other businesses also hope to benefit. Employees at a Gibson County gas station expect plenty of weary travelers to still stop in.

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