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New Survey: Trimming the turkey won't drain your wallet

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Depending on where you buy groceries, this summer's drought may not affect the price of Thanksgiving dinner, after all.

The American Farm Bureau has completed its annual survey of the costs of the turkey and all the trimmings.

"We're showing about a half-percent increase from last year for the entire market basket," said economist John Anderson.

Anderson said that's a $.28 increase on $50 worth of food to feed 10 at the Thanksgiving table.

Consumers can be especially thankful to retailers who locked in their costs before the drought drove up feed prices.

For example, the price of turkey was set last spring, before the drought.

However, Anderson said price hikes because of the drought could affect next Thanksgiving.

The Natural Resources Defense Council said one way to reduce food costs is to quit wasting it.

It estimates Americans will throw away about $282 Million worth of perfectly good turkey this Thanksgiving alone.

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