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Habitat for Humanity donates a 'Home for the Holidays'

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Gary Miller was overwhelmed to receive the keys to his new Habitat for Humanity home. Gary Miller was overwhelmed to receive the keys to his new Habitat for Humanity home.

It's home for the holidays for one Evansville family, all thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Evansville. The Miller family got their Christmas wish a little early this year. 

It was an emotional day for Gary Miller and his son, Trey. Gary was still in shock that he's gone from being homeless, to becoming a homeowner, with the help of some very special people.  

Gary might be moving in to a new home, but it's not a new neighborhood for him. 

"I grew up right around the corner on cross, so I'm not a stranger to this area at all. I used to walk these streets and play with friends all the time," Miller said. 

but Gary's days in the neighborhood were numbered when he says he had too many good times partying.

"I made a couple of bad decisions and wound up actually being homeless for a little while and had no where to go," Miller said. 

After hitting rock bottom, he turned back to his church and met who he calls his Godfather, Russ. 

"My wife and I just fell in love with him, he's just a nice guy, I did everything I knew I needed to do to help him get along," Russ King said. 

so when Gary got word he was going to receive a habitat house, he knew he wanted the corner lot where he grew up. Russ and more than 30 of Gary's friends got to work. 

"It's been a long road, a lot of hard work went into this," Miller said.

Habitat requires 300 hours of what it calls "sweat equity" which is a commitment from the family or individual to work on their home and other habitat homes. 

Gary says receiving keys to his first home was overwhelming.

I never thought I'd own a home by 30, let alone a brand new home. I mean it's just wow. Words can't describe the appreciation and gratitude I feel," Miller said.

Gary says he and his son finally feel at home, surrounded by neighbors he knows and friends that have supported him the entire way. 

Habitat for Humanity of Evansville has a few more housing lots on Morton Avenue and say they hope to start construction on new homes in the near future. 

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