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KY community welcomes new animal shelter

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The community of Hartford, Kentucky has a new animal shelter.

Friday, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony to show off the new facility that cost about $150,000 to build.

Community members were on hand to take a tour of the new facility and they say it's a big improvement from what they had before.

"The old shelter was basically built as just a holding facility and now we're kind of turned into an adoption facility and we're trying to move up with the times," said Shelter Director Josh Wright.

"The old shelter was so, it was just in terrible shape," said Tina Thompson. "You couldn't hold a dog very long."

Thompson is President of the Friends of the Ohio County Animal Shelter and says her group has worked hard to keep local animals safe, and she's thrilled to see this day come.

"It brings the county into the 21st century now," she noted. "The animals can actually stay here without getting sick and people will actually be proud to come and visit these animals."

Wright says there's an extra 600 square feet, an isolation kennel for sick animals, and more outdoor space surrounding the new building.

Something this shelter has that the old one didn't, is indoor outdoor kennels, allowing the animals just a little bit more freedom.

"Number one, it's good for the animals," Wright said. "Number two, it's good for germs and diseases, it helps keep those down with airflow."

The new facility was built thanks to a combination of coal severance dollars and a grant from the Kentucky Animal Control Advisory Board. Wright says he's so thankful and ready to start a new generation of animal care in Ohio County.

"I feel like from where we've come to where we are now we really so to speak in the dog and cat world we've hit the lottery here and this is a great facility and something for all of Ohio county to be proud of," he said.

Shelter employees say they plan to move all the animals from the old shelter to the new shelter next week and they should be in full operation by the 26th.

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