Taking a Stand: Evansville Auditor

Taking a Stand: Evansville hires an auditor

WFIE GM Nick Ulmer has this take on the city of Evansville hiring a new auditor.

"The Evansville City Council voted 6 to 2 to hire a consultant David Garrett to audit the city's bookkeeping. It's a good idea and it will save taxpayers money.  

And in spite of some like Jonathan Weaver who say that it is unneeded, the practice of outside auditors to check corporation bookkeeping is a common practice.  

Mr. Garrett has 30 years of accounting experience and regardless of how wonderful our city controllers are, errors are made, and the sooner mistakes are identified the less it cost taxpayers.  

It's a good move on the city councils part and well worth the small fee of $20,000 the city will pay for the contract.

That's my stand, what's yours?"

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