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Twilight & an epic adventure

9:46pm.  I'm about to leave the station.  But before you feel too bad for me, you should know I could have been out of here earlier if it weren't for some pretty impressive procrastination.  It's a skill I learned many moons ago, and it hasn't failed me yet!  :)

Today, I considered for a few minutes ditching work altogether and playing hooky at the movie theater.  Ok, not really… but it would have been nice to join the ladies with blankets and pillows settling in to watch a Twilight marathon.  I LOVE movie theater popcorn!  Bring on the BUTTER!!!  Honestly, I've never read any of the Twilight books or watched the movies, but I'm pretty good at sitting still and doing nothing… thus why I think a day at the movies could have been quite fun. 

I should have taken some pictures, but I didn't think of it until too late.  Some people who showed up for the marathon told me they took off work and even pulled their kids out from school!!!  Now THAT is a lot of dedication to a franchise.  Mom… pretty sure that wouldn't have flown at our house, but who are we to judge?! :)

Ok, in an effort to get out of here and have a little time to wind down before going straight to bed and coming back here tomorrow… I'm going to wrap up with an update to yesterday's cliffhanger. 

This weekend I am heading on what I think will be an adventure out East of epic proportions.  It will be a lottttt of driving, but hopefully will lead me to some wonderful stories involving our local volunteers helping victims of Hurricane Sandy. 

More to come… I'll keep you posted! 

In other news… tomorrow's Friday!!!

Until next time,


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