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More details revealed in Hwy41/Lloyd interchange project

At an INDOT public meeting, Evansville residents learned more about plans for the new interchange. It's the first time INDOT has met with the public since 2009.

That new interchange will be near Highway 41 and Lloyd Expressway and stoplights will be removed, something some drivers say will make for a smoother trip across town.

"There are all these rumors, it's going to be here, it's going to be there," said resident John Getty. "We're going to find out for ourselves."

Thursday evening, many residents like Clara and John Getty gathered at the Career and Technical Center on Lynch Road to hear the latest from INDOT on the Lloyd and Highway 41 interchange project.

INDOT says that project will reconstruct the interchange at the Lloyd and 41, replace the north and southbound bridges, and remove some of the stoplights along the Lloyd.

"Also helps in case there's accidents and reduces the number of accidents as well," said Cher Elliot with INDOT.

Some residents are glad, hoping for a shorter commute.

To construct the full interchange, INDOT is in the process of buying property in the area.

While some residents are concerned about getting full value for sale of their homes, resident Donald Fraliex wants his entire property to be sold, and not split up.

"It's pretty close to the Lloyd right now. It would be real close if they didn't buy the property," he said.

"Of course, you know, we don't want to put a highway right up on somebody's front steps," Elliot told 14 News.

At that meeting, INDOT's real-estate team was on-hand to take any questions from homeowners, telling us it's important for the public's voices to be heard.

"Even just some things maybe we didn't discover in all the studies and data collecting that we've actually done," Elliot said.

The public is encouraged to weigh in with comments and suggestions for the project before December 10th.

You can do so by e-mail, and send messages to or by mail, to

 Indiana Dept. of Transportation's Office of Public Involvement

100 North Senate Ave., Room N642

Indianapolis, IN 46204-2216

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