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No charges filed against man approaching Newburgh Elementary children

A man approached a child on the playground at Newburgh Elementary. A man approached a child on the playground at Newburgh Elementary.

Nearly one month ago, Newburgh Police launched an investigation when a young student reported being approached by a man during recess.

The man reportedly showed the student pictures of a woman in a magazine.  Police have identified him...but aren't filing any charges.  

Police say they were able to identify the man based on the child's description of him. 

After interviewing the suspect, police determined he wasn't trespassing on school property and the photos he showed to the child weren't pornographic.

Police say he didn't actually commit a crime, therefore can't be charged.

Police say he's been told to stay away from not only Newburgh Elementary, but all Warrick County schools.

"I don't know that he's actually a threat. It concerns me because he actually approached kids at school, so I'm concerned about it. But, he didn't actually do anything illegal," Police Chief Brett Sprinkle said.

Police also investigated a separate case involving a first grader who reported a man tried to lure her from the playground during an after school event.

After speaking to several witnesses, police determined a man did approach the fence, but not to lure any children away. 

"A parent picking up a basketball student that noticed two boys fighting on the playground and he just told them to quit fighting," Chief Sprinkle said. 

Police say the second case was completely unfounded and they have no fear that there was a second man approaching children at the school.

Newburgh police say they are stilling patrolling areas around the school and have officers inside many of the schools throughout the day. 

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